Meet your coaches!

The Bledsoe Sister's are Trained Mental Health Counselors whose mission is to EMPOWER others through resiliency and mental toughness for corporations and large groups.  Their goal is to Empower El Mundo or Empower The World by helping others build wealth, success, and power. 

Darrina and Deana Bledsoe played collegiate basketball where they completed at high, nationally ranked levels. 

As student athletes and mental heath experts, the Bledsoe´s emphasize the mind and body connection related to overall wellness. 

The Empower Programs are a blend of learning  more about mental health and healthy skills to manage stress with us in an innovative and exciting way. Corporations, professionals, students and so many more will walk away feeling empowered and ready for a healthier lifestyle! 

Darrina Bledsoe


  Darrina Bledsoe is a local of Arizona and has family roots in Spain. In college, she played as a point guard for Simpson College. Her athletic career led her to compete in the National Collegiate Athletics Association. 

Darrina later earned her Master's of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa. Since returning to Arizona, she has treated clients suffering from various psychiatric conditions to founding Bledsoe Empower. She specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, and working with Spanish-speaking families.

Deana Bledsoe



Deana Bledsoe is a local of Arizona and has family roots in Spain. In college, she played as a forward for Ashford University. Her athletic career led her team to a National Championship. She continued as a coach for Women's basketball. 

Deana later earned her Master's of Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. 

She has treated clients struggling with psychiatric issues and specializes in treating trauma. She is oriented in Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.